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Antenna Range Extender Signal Booster

Antenna Range Extender Signal Booster

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This range extender is a signal boost for DJI Phantom 3, 4 and inspire 

series. It's extremely effective and very affordable, definitely item you must have for freaky fun!


Upgraded version folding gilt mirror aluminum parabolic antenna range booster, Compatible with DJI Inspire 1, DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced, Phantom 4 remote control, Not fit Phantom 3 standard version.

Made from high-class gilt mirror aluminum, great Improve signal effect, better than any other similar products!

Parabolic reflector. No bump or deformation on the reflecting panel.

Foldable design, precise mounting hole, lightweight, practical and convenient to use.

Net Weight: 77g

Material: Mirror Aluminum + plastic.

Note: Reflection panel covered by protective film, please remove the film before use.